M&E System for Climate Change Mitigation Project in Rural Communities

  • Project: M&E System for Climate Change Mitigation Project in Rural Communities
  • Client: International Development Agency
  • Challenge: The challenge was to monitor deforestation and carbon sequestration across geographically dispersed project sites in rural communities, requiring accurate and timely data collection.
  • Solution:

    In response to the complex challenge, Vision Tact LLC developed a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System for the Climate Change Mitigation Project:

    1. Mobile-Based Data Collection Platform: Overcoming geographical dispersion with a mobile-based platform for direct data input.
    2. GPS Tagging: Precise geolocation of data points for accurate mapping of environmental changes.
    3. Photo Capture Functionality: Integration of visual data through photo capture for documentation of land cover changes.
    4. Seamless Data Synchronization: Real-time synchronization with a web-based dashboard for instant access to the latest information.
  • Impact:

    The implementation of the M&E System resulted in a substantial 60% improvement in field data collection efficiency, benefiting the Climate Change Mitigation Project:

    1. Transparent Reporting to Donors: Real-time data ensured transparent access to project progress, fostering trust and accountability.
    2. Evidence-Based Adjustments: Robust data enabled evidence-based adjustments to enhance project effectiveness.
    3. Enhanced Project Outcomes: Visual and geospatial data provided a deeper understanding, contributing to the achievement of enhanced project outcomes.