Our Resource Augmentation is carefully designed to ensure that we provide you with the exact resources you need, at the right place and time. We have a pool of highly qualified professionals with diverse skills and experience, ready and willing to serve you. We also ensure that our resources are well equipped and trained on the latest industry trends, ensuring that they bring valuable expertise to your organization.

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Fuel Your Business Growth with
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Leverage skilled professionals for seamless project integration, accelerating progress and achieving objectives with expertise

Specialized Expertise

Gain a competitive edge by accessing niche knowledge and specialized skills to solve complex challenges with precision

Temporary Staffing

Temporarily provide qualified personnel to fill resource gaps and adapt to changing business needs for operational continuity

Resource Augmentation Domains

We take pride in catering to a wide array of industries and domains. Some of the areas where we offer resource augmentation services include

Information Technology and Software Development

Digital Marketing and Content Creation

Graphic Design and Creative Services

Business Analysis and Project Management

Finance and Accounting

Customer Support and Service

Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Vision Tact

Our Working Process

Resource Augmentation service is a strategic solution offered by Vision Tact, a leading digital tech company. This service provides organizations with skilled and specialized professionals to complement their existing teams and meet project demands. The process involves:


Skill Identification

Customized Proposal

Talent Selection


Project Management



Performance Evaluation

Project Completion

Resource Augmentation


Enhanced Expertise

Access skilled experts for innovation and complex challenges


Flexibility and Scalability

Vision Tact Scale workforce & optimize efficiency


Cost Efficiency

Opt for temp workers for efficiency over long-term contracts


Risk Mitigation

Reduce risks of permanent hires with adaptable temporary staff