M&E System for Public Health Campaign on Maternal Health

  • Project: M&E System for Public Health Campaign on Maternal Health
  • Client: Ministry of Health
  • Challenge: Monitoring the reach and effectiveness of a nationwide maternal health awareness campaign.
  • Solution:

    Vision Tact LLC conceptualized a sophisticated multi-channel data collection system to comprehensively assess the campaign’s impact:

    1. SMS Surveys: Direct engagement with target audiences for real-time feedback on demographic information, awareness levels, and perceptions regarding maternal health.
    2. Web Forms: Integration of web forms for diverse online participation, exploring specific aspects of the campaign, such as messaging effectiveness and information accessibility.
    3. Social Media Engagement Tracking: Robust tracking on social media platforms to monitor engagement metrics, providing insights into the digital impact of the campaign.
  • Data Analytics and Insights:

    Vision Tact LLC employed advanced data analytics to extract meaningful insights:

    1. Demographic Insights: Identification of target audience characteristics for tailoring future messaging and interventions.
    2. Message Resonance: Evaluation of participant responses and engagement metrics to understand the effectiveness of campaign messages.
    3. Campaign Impact: Granular examination of the overall impact, measuring awareness levels, behavioral changes, and geographical distribution of campaign reach.
  • Impact:

    The implementation of the multi-channel data collection system resulted in a substantial 20% increase in the campaign’s reach. The insights from data analytics validated the success of the campaign and served as a foundation for informed decision-making in future strategic initiatives.

    Vision Tact LLC’s commitment to leveraging technology for impactful monitoring and evaluation ensured tangible and lasting results for the Ministry of Health’s maternal health campaign.